—  Oliver, Expert by Experience
(Mills & Stoneham, 2017)

“Voice therapy and information was a very useful exploration before I decided to start T - I found the knowledge it gave me helped to keep vocal changes with T smooth and avoid voice straining.” 


hi there - nice to meet you!

"... I was noticing my voice - I have always quite liked my voice - but it didn't feel  congruent  with who I am. When doing unplanned speaking it would come out quite high and would feel quite jarring to me."

Addison, Expert by Experience
(Mills & Stoneham, 2017)

"You have an inner voice that needs to be found and released - it's not about copying other people or talking in a voice that doesn't fit with you - you have to grow into how your inner voice sounds."

Amanda,  Expert by Experience
 (Mills & Stoneham, 2017)

This part of the site is devoted to you and your voice exploration. I hope you find comfort in these pages and leave the site knowing something new about your voice that you didn't know before.


Our voices are a really important part of our identity and no two voices are the same. You may have come to this site because you want to change some aspect of your voice, or because your voice doesn't reflect how you feel about yourself. Or you might just want to explore what's possible with your voice.




stay safe


I know from my own service users that gender identity clinic waiting times are soaring. It's not uncommon for waits to be in excess of 3 years, just for an initial appointment. I understand if you can't wait that long to get started with your voice change. 

For this reason, I'll be talking a lot about vocal hygiene on this part of the site. It's not the sexiest aspect of voice exploration, but it's vital. Your vocal folds - which vibrate to create voice - are a really delicate part of your body. Being kind to them helps prevent voice problems further down the line, which might actually put a stopper on your progress. To keep you heading in the direction you want to go with your voice, please respect your voice and practise good vocal hygiene. 











locus of control

As with many aspects of your identity, it's normal and valid to want others to see you how you see yourself. Others' perceptions of your voice may matter a little bit, or a lot. This might change over time. If you're interested to explore the psychology of voice change, do a quick Internet search for 'locus of control'. I hope you find this a useful way to put your voice exploration in context.

I look forward to supporting you in your voice exploration. Let me know what you'd like to see on the site by using the Contact page. I want this site to be coproduced as much as possible so it's relevant to the needs of the trans community. Please note, I work full-time so website updates won't happen immediately.


Stay safe (that includes your voice!)

Lizzie Jenner

Speech and Language Therapist 




If you are in crisis, call 999 or go to A&E if you are safe to do so.
You are not alone.