Hello lovely readers!

Blog post number one - how exciting. I should probably start with a brief intro.

My name is Lizzie Jenner (she/her). I'm a cis, queer, neurodivergent speech and language therapist. I work at Indigo Gender Service - "Indigo" - in Greater Manchester. Based in primary care, Indigo is one of three NHS commissioned pilot gender services aiming to bring gender identity healthcare closer to people's homes.

I was inspired to create this site from personal and professional experience. As a student I volunteered at LGBT Foundation to deliver trans voice coaching in partnership with Dr Sean Pert, Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Manchester. People travelled from far and wide to access our service. The same people did this knowing the risk of transphobia and hate crime they might experience just for leaving their homes (Stonewall, 2018). For those lucky few who'd reached the top of a long Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) waiting list already, their experiences of NHS voice coaching weren't always positive.

It was time to do things differently.

Who would have known that this free-of-charge voice coaching would grow into a fully-fledged part of a new gender identity service? Well, maybe Sean. Behind the scenes he was hard at work advocating for the integration of voice coaching as part of the new gender service pilot. Indigo was long overdue - especially since the Gay Village has been a staple of LGBTQ+ culture for such a long time.

When I heard Indigo were recruiting, I jumped at the chance to be involved. Sean is a passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and I couldn't wait to start working together to push the agenda forwards. Now doing a PG Dip Gender Identity Healthcare alongside my work, I am furthering my knowledge of the historical treatment of gender non-conforming people. This includes treatment by cis people, white people, healthcare professionals and lesbians, all of which are communities I belong to. I am stunned by what I read and am humbled by the stories my service users share. I recognise my privilege and aim to use it for good.


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